Solar in Australia

RWE owns and operates one of the largest solar farms in Australia, the Limondale Solar Farm at Balranald in New South Wales.

The large-scale plant includes 872,000 panels on 770 hectares and has an installed capacity of 249 MWac. Construction of the project began in 2018 and full commercial operation began in 2021.

RWE is currently working on a 1 GW pipeline of solar projects across multiple Australian states, that will substantially contribute to the 3 GWs of energy projects we plan to develop here by 2030.

Solar is a very attractive renewable energy source in Australia due to the abundance of sun and large land mass. It is clean, green electricity that is generated from photovoltaic panels that capture the sun and convert it to power.

Sheep and other small stock are generally able to graze in and around the panels of a solar farm.

Our Australian team of solar developers is supported by a 5,600 international renewables team with a strong history of solar deployment. We are constantly looking at best practice and are embracing the advancements in technology that facilitate easier grid connections.

We are also actively working on hybridisation of our upcoming renewable projects – particularly solar – to lead the way in cost-effective and reliable delivery of green electricity with on-site battery storage wherever possible.

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