Power Purchase Agreements

The perfect partner for your PPA

RWE is one of the global leaders in developing, constructing, operating and owning utility-scale renewable projects. We have extensive experience in simplifying the often complex process of corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), by understanding our partners and offering products specifically designed and tailored to their needs.

A PPA with RWE can allow your company to benefit from steady and predictable costs while improving your carbon footprint.

What is a PPA?

A PPA is a long-term contract under which a business agrees to purchase electricity directly from a renewable energy generator. PPAs provide financial certainty to you as the customer and the project developer, which removes a significant roadblock to building new renewable facilities.

PPAs help to deliver more renewable energy, saving CO2, and contribute to the renewable future. 

PPA types

Physical PPA

  • RWE delivers power directly to the customer, who receives the PPA price
  • RWE builds a plant especially for this purpose and covers not only the new asset but the entire supply chain
  • RWE sells surplus power to grid and receives the spot price
  • The customer buys additional power from the grid/utility and pays the spot price
  • The customer receives guarantees of origin (where available)

Virtual (Financial) PPA

  • RWE delivers power to the grid and is reimbursed via its existing market access
  • The customer buys power from the grid and pays the spot price
  • RWE and the customer settle the difference between the spot price and PPA strike price
  • The customer receives guarantees of origin (where available)

PPA benefits

  • Long-Term Planning: Avoid long-term commodity price risk and yield savings

  • Sustainability: Achieve carbon reduction goals cost effectively

  • Cost Reduction: Cut costs and use fewer resources

  • Efficient use of Resources: Improve energy efficiency

  • Public Recognition: Promote your image and fulfil your employee and customer commitments

Carbon-free full supply  | PPA with RWE in Australia

Carbon-free full supply

RWE is an expert in asset portfolio optimisation and energy load management solutions.

Are you interested in a specific asset? Contact us below.

Interested? Contact us and we will offer you a sustainable long-term partnership with a PPA tailored for your company.

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